Verifly? (2023)

Can I fly without VeriFLY?

What happens if I don't use VeriFLY? If you don't use VeriFLY, you will be required to show your travel documents at the airport and they will be verified for you at the check-in desk or boarding gate. This may result in long queues and delays as you move through the airport.

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What is VeriFLY for?

VeriFly is an app developed by Daon that lets users digitally store their vaccine and testing records.

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What airlines are using VeriFLY?

  • Aer Lingus.
  • American Airlines.
  • British Airways.
  • Japan Airlines.
  • Using the 'Add Flight(s)' Pass.

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Is VeriFLY still being used?

Unfortunately, VeriFLY is only available if you're flying with particular airlines, which limits its usefulness. But if you often fly with airlines that use VeriFLY, this may not be a concern. Here are the airlines that use VeriFLY: Aer Lingus: Supports all flights from Ireland to the U.S. (certain airports).

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Do all passengers need VeriFLY app?

While the app can expedite check-in for travelers, it's not required during embarkation. Cruisers who wish to use the app can speed up their check-in times and make their documentation easily accessible with the VeriFly app download.

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Can I do VeriFLY at the airport?

Travelers can complete the requirements and upload into VeriFLY before their arrival at the airport to help facilitate a more seamless and expedited experience.

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Why does American Airlines use VeriFLY?

We're prioritizing your safety and peace of mind when you fly with us. That's why we've partnered with trusted testing providers and the VeriFLY™ health passport app to make it easier to prepare for your trip. Keep in mind there may be other travel requirements for your destination.

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Can I check in online without VeriFLY?

VeriFLY is only available for use to and from selected destinations. If you are flying to or from a destination that does not use VeriFLY you may be asked to upload your travel documents when you log into Manage My Booking. We'll contact you shortly before your flight departs with more information and guidance.

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What documents do I need for VeriFLY?

Some examples of Entry Requirements are listed below:
  • Entering Flight Details.
  • Submitting a Covid-19 test for review.
  • Completing a travel destinations Travel Authorisation form.
  • Confirming you have valid Health Insurance to cover Covid-19 and related illnesses.

Is VeriFLY my boarding pass?

No, the VeriFLY mobile app is separate to your boarding pass. For flights that allow the usage of VeriFLY, you will will need to use your boarding pass and VeriFLY pass separately at the airport.

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Do you need VeriFLY US to UK?

VeriFLY is a third-party travel readiness app, provided by Daon. Using this third-party service is optional. You'll be able to present a test certificate and other documentation at the airport if you prefer but please note this will require extra time and you won't be able to check in online the day before.

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